British Sign Language Level 1 and 2 Combined Course

Deaf Hub’s British Sign Language (BSL) courses are delivered in a unique way by having our Level 1 and 2 course combined, running without any gaps in between learning. We have learned that this not only allows you to complete the qualifications in one year instead of two, but enables you to better retain your BSL skills to move on with your learning.

We deliver our qualifications from The Institute of British Sign Language (IBSL) who are an Ofqual accredited awarding body.


The course we offer aims to further your development of BSL with Deaf people. You will be taught everyday topics including social life, work, school or college.

The course will enable you to obtain skills in functional BSL communication in more depth than with just Level 1 alone, along with a wider range of grammar.

We do not offer separate Level 1 and 2 courses. However, we will accept applications to join the Level 2 part of the course only, subject to places being available.


Understand sufficient language to enable communication with Deaf people, including those in the workplace or at school, at an intermediate level.

Develop the ability to present personal, social and work-related information in BSL

Exchange routine information with Deaf people in social life and/or the workplace or at school and college.

Understand and give advice and instructions about everyday work and/or social matters

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